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Taree Aquatic Club News

Taree Report Oct 12 2013

The annual 'blessing of the fleet' kicked off a new season of racing at Taree, with a few crew changes and 'young bloods' getting in to the action!

Taree Report Jun 2013

I’ll start with the results from season 2012 / 13

The entire fleet of classes compete for the yearly pointscore so I’ll list the lot here to give a snapshot of the club racing.  Like many country clubs the group gets along very well both on and off the water.


The MG14 results are in the bold type.

Place    Name    Class    Skipper   Total Points

1  That's Gold MG14 R Dodds 801

2  Mid Coast Mowers MG14 G. Pereira 765

3  Dark Side of the Moon NS14 R. Fish 712

3  Talk to the Hand NS14 A. Cause 712

5  Retro MG14 G. Roche 679

6  Wineot MG14 D. Hardaker 619

7  Phase X MG14 S. Ferguson 603

8  Lewy the Fly Spiral T. Lewis 585

9  Poppa Bear NS14 T . Smith 550

10 Silver Fox NS14 J. Corbett 458

11  Keeping Up MG14 C. Jones 408

12  Wet Willy MG14 A. Diessel 374

13  Gopher Baroque NS14 M. Diessel 337

14  Grunt MG14 B. Ferguson 312

15  Sign of the Times Spiral W. Ruprecht 269

16  Predator MG14 L. Barlin 186

17  Even Flow MG14 L. Mancell 153

18  Cause I Can Flying 15 J. Cause 119

19  Ed Motion Spiral C. Jones 66

20  B'Cause NS14 25

21  Anarchy 22

22  Fireworks MG14 Adam Berkefeild 1


The MG14 club championship was as follows;

  1. That's Gold   Richard & Jeremy Dodds

  2. Retro   G. Roche & Ben Petrisic

  3. Wineot    Dave Hardaker & Jay Smith

  4. Phase X    Stuart Ferguson & Rebecca Dodds

  5. Midcoast Mowers   Gavan & Bailey Pereira

  6. Keeping Up   Chris Jones & John

  7. Grunt  Ben Ferguson & various crews

  8. Predator  Les Barlin & Cody Smith

  9. Even Flow  L. Mancell & daughter

  10. Wet Willy  A. Diessel & Jack


We had a very active season with many regattas home and away. Like the Manning Point to Taree Marathon, The Manning Point TT , The Round Dumeresq Island race, The Great Lakes Regatta. A good representation at both MG States, Nationals and TT.  The results as per MG web page. 


Special mention for Dave Hardaker returning as commodore once again and Andrew Diesel for his training work with the juniors every saturday morning.

Richard & Jeremy in That’s Gold dominated the Taree groups at both club & Association events. Ben Petrisic and I were probably the most travelled, attending Great Lakes S.C. several times, the Illawarra TT, and the annual Jervis Bay Regatta Oct long weekend.


Next season is shaping up well;

Richard Dodds will team up with Ben Petrisic in That’s Gold,

Jeremy Dodds & Bailey Pereira will sail Mid Coast Mowers,

Stuart & Rebecca will sail Phase 10, sporting a new CST mast & Baracouta sails.

Dave Hardaker will team up with new crew Amon Smith on Winenot,

Les Barlin will crew for Cody Smith on his boat Predator,

Ben Ferguson will team up with maybe Jay Smith in Grunt.

Chris Jones has Keeping Up for sale and will sail a Spiral,

Len Mancell may turn up with a new crew after spending family time for most of last season,

Andrew Diesel will sail Wet Willy again hopefully with Jack

I’ll be training up new crew (Fergos better half) Linda Ferguson, so that will give the competitive Ferguson family three MG’s in the fleet. Should be fun. !!

Gavan Pereira will spend next season introducing his other son Flynn to sailing in an NS.

Adam Berkefield has bought Fireworks and we hope to see him a bit more next season.


There are still a few more MG’s in the shed waiting for their owners to turn up.

Greg Roche

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