Queens Lake Sailing Club News

One of the keenest starts to the season for the Queens Lake MG fleet.


Foxee has entered the racing, under the studied guidance of Paddy and Sophie Holt, and they are proving to be contenders straight out of the box.


Hullaballoo is more refined than ever, and Mark and Martina are getting some decent practice time in on whenever the conditions allow.


Blue Brothers have a new crew combo, and Warren and Nathan are looking the boat to beat anytime the conditions get fresh, or when things are a bit shifty.  


Stainless also has a new crew combo, with Rohan steering from the wire, and young Braden pulling all the strings and keeping things in line in the boat.


Green Machine has a new kite, and Rob and Mason are showing moments of it all coming together whenever they can organise their schedules to race two weeks in a row!


Chris has the old Aero 6 - Bernard The Boat - pushing everyone along, and is hoping to be at the Nationals.


Room To Move has just been sold to a new owner, and hopefully Ian and Jaya will be ready to spread their wings and do a couple of Association events next season.