MG14 Honour Roles

National Championships and State Championships
At these events, a handicap series is held in conjunction with the championship series, so all boats have a chance of winning or finishing amongst the prize winners. Also awarded are prizes for categories such as junior sailors, veteran crews, family groups, veteran boats, plus encouragement awards and prizes for the last boat that finished every heat, etc. Everything possible is done to ensure these events are enjoyed by everyone and are not just for the "gun" sailors.

Touring Trophy Series
This is a handicap series, with heats sailed throughout the season at various locations around the state.

Teams Race
Fun races, but also very educational, with teams chosen to mix boats of various standards and from various clubs so that each team has an equal chance of winning the event.

Training Days
The Association endeavours to hold training days periodically, where top sailors from within the class or from other classes provide coaching and boat setup tips, to assist those new to the class or to sailing in general and to improve the overall standard of the fleet.