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Why the MG14?

  • It Is a long-established class with good fleet racing at all levels.
  • It can be sailed either with an asymmetric spinnaker (extremely user-friendly) or with a traditional double-luff spinnaker.
  • It is a relatively Inexpensive dinghy with good secondhand boats available from around $2000.
  • Running and maintenance costs are very low.
  • It has an easily managed, high performance, lightweight hull and rig.
  • It can be sailed competitively by virtually any crew combination, Adult / teenager, teenager / teenager, adult / adult.
  • It Is stable and exhilarating to sail and, through controlled development, all boats remain competitive for many years.

​Main Class Specs
Length: 4.25 - 4.30m.
Beam: 1.60 - 1.83m.
Min Hull Wt: 64kg.
Working Sail Area: 9.3 sq m.
Asymmetric Spinnaker: 14m perimeter.
Double luff Spinnaker: 7.5 sq m.
Crew: Two.
Trapezes: One.


Crew Weight

Ideally 120 - 145 kg combined, although many successful combinations have been as low as 100 kg or as high as 160 kg.

Crew Age

No age limitations.

Juniors generally begin crewing (or skippering with a parent as crew) from around age 8, while at the other end of the scale we have at least one active sailor well into his 70's!

Hull Designs
New boats are available from professional boatbuilders, however some are home-built.

Mark Thorpe Boatbuilding supplies the current Australian Champion design - the Tiger.

There is a female hull and deck mould available, at a modest fee, for skilled home builders (Moondance design).


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