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MG393 - Splashdance

Aero 4 in excellent racing condition for it’s age, has fixed alloy pole, 12 month old Flight Spar mast, new jib 2yr old specially made to suit the Areo 4 by Ian Short, great forgiving boat for new comers to the class or to sailing, I have raced it for 4 seasons at St George Sailing Club and learnt all the skills to move to a new harder hull shape. Have always kept the newer boats very honest on occasions. All gear on the boat is less then 4 years old. Self tacking jib 12 months old.

  • two centreboards (one long for light weather and a short strong board heavy weather)
  • 2 Mains, 2 jibs, 1 kite
  • Alloy Beach Trolley

Everything in excellent condition ready to race. Will not be disappointed for the price, great value for money.
Located at St George Sailing Club, NSW.

Contact: Lloyd Williams

Phone: 0417 342406

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